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Author Topic:   Modifieds that run 4-Link Hook Ups
HCI Shock Dyno
posted December 21, 2003 03:32 PM
Given a percentage how many cars out there now run a 4-Bar rear end Hook Up-- 50% 60%?

Of these cars what percentage run the shock and spring combo behind the LR axle housing?

H.L. Hupperich

posted December 22, 2003 04:13 PM
My 4-bar car had the springs behind the rear end and the shocks in the front. I had 58% rear without me in the car with a 22 gallon gasoline fuel cell!

posted December 24, 2003 08:34 AM
shock in front spring in back lr .shock in
rear spring in front rr.

posted December 24, 2003 09:49 AM
shocks in back, lr spring clamped in front, rr spring on top of housing, or clamped in front

posted December 25, 2003 11:25 AM
Just put on a new Left rear 4 bar design hot off the design board. The spring slider is behind the axle attached the the birdcage. The shock will go ahead of the axle unless I can find some more room back there.

Pa FastBoys
posted December 25, 2003 09:20 PM           
Ran 4-4bar with spring behind on 4bar-swing arm with spring 4 bar-z link with spring swing arm swing arm, spring clamped on LR. Can't calm the car down or it goes backwards, run the car with the LF 12" in the air and hard to drive in trafic.

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