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Author Topic:   4bar / zlink and wheel base
posted December 04, 2003 07:40 AM
I had a thought while measuring up to change my 3 link to a 4bar zlink. This maybe car specific or even driver specific but does anyone know if a 4bar zlink setup works any better or worse than a 3 link with longer or shorter wheel base?????

posted December 04, 2003 07:44 AM
the wheelbase will just effect how quick the car reacts. mine is 108.5 most are 110 i would not worry about it as long as it was legal. the longer wheelbase will make the car more stable in the straights but the 108 will be easier to turn if you can even tell a difference. alot of guys that have both cars really dont notice much between the two wheelbases. but to answer your questons most cars that are both types of suspensions have the same wheelbase.(ones with all the mounts

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