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Author Topic:   need a little help
posted December 02, 2003 10:49 PM
hey all im new to the world of modifieds ran pure stocks last year and now have a modifide i need a basic idea of spring rates for a semmi high banked 3/8 D track. the track keeps tacky all night and come feature time its usaly rough . right now my car has monos but thinking of running one side staked( are points champ ran this combo ). any ideas on rates i got proshocks and am using the basic shock rate guide off there site.

posted December 05, 2003 05:37 AM
If you are on any other front end besides a small GM metric, put on 650 LF and 750 RF springs with a 763 rf shock and a 75 lf shock (go to a 753 when it get slick). If you have the small GM metric frame with stock lower A-frames, use 700 and 800 lb springs.

Definitely go to the full leaf/mono-leaf rear set-up. Use an AFCO 142 lb multi-leaf on the left rear with a 93 or 94 shock(depending on how rough the track is) and an AFCO 47 lb mono-leaf on the right rear with a 93 or 94 shock and a 125 lb coil on top of the axle tube with a weight jack (no slider). I also like a 30 inch torque arm, which is shorter than normal (I had to make mine), with a 125 lb coil on a slider.

I loved this suspension on a rough track or one with a cushion or high speed high banks. I never got very much experience with it on the slick (I wrecked and destroyed the car before I ever ran 10 times on the slick).
It is consistent and perfect for a person new to the class.


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