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Author Topic:   4-bar on Left Rear/Zlink on Right Rear
posted November 18, 2003 08:08 AM
You can get great forward bite and driveability with this setup. The z link right rear will make it a little easier to drive on rough tracks and the 4 bar left will still get good bite off. The rear steer will also help turn the car through the middle of the corner.

Lengths can vary but id say around 15-17" to start and around 15 degrees. I would try to keep the lower link around 2" shorter than the upper. Off the top of my head I think Mastersbilt late models run around a 17 1/2"upper and 15 1/2" lower and the new DW 4 bar cars run about 16 upper and 14 lower.

I would either put the LR spring in front on a clamp bracket or behind on the birdcage. On the front as the axle rotates under acceleration it will load the spring adding bite. Behind on teh birdcage as the LR drives forward and teh birdcage indexes it rotate forward and load the spring also. I would not put it on a clamp behind the axle because as the axle rotates it will unload the spring.

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