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Author Topic:   Torque Arm
posted November 12, 2003 12:02 AM
1. I have a three link set up now with a long pull bar and a J-bear and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there would be an advantage to using a torque arm set up instead.

2. What sort of hardware mounts the heim on a torque to the lower part of the third member? I assume my top pull bar mount would be sufficient for the top heim.

Thanks for the help guys, I love this forum.

posted November 12, 2003 04:07 PM
The torque arm gives up a little forward bite to the torque link but "I THINK", the benitit of a free car far outweights what little you loose. A free car is fast all the way around the track...not just down the straights. I have ran both and have gone back and forth a couple times now. With a 4 bar or a z-link, I like the lift bar. With a Mono and a 3 link, I like the pull bar. Yes...unfortunetly, I have tried them all...IN ONE YEAR!!

Mounting is preference. There are heim's on the top and bottom bar and those attach to either a flat bar welded to the back of the housing or just two tabs on the top and bottom of the housing. I think it is best to get it as far to the left as possible.

Again...Just my opionion. Many and most fast guys are running torque links. I just think the car is easier to drive and much more predictable with a lift bar.

posted November 12, 2003 05:21 PM
I run a two link and torque arm. I like the consistancy of the torque arm. If there is bite it is hard to beat. If the track is slick I think the torque link is the way to go. Next year I will be changing to a 4bar
Zlink with torque arm. Depending upon the track length and turn radius I change my slider to a 38" setting on most 1/4 3/8 mile tracks. 40" on 1/2 mile tracks and paper clip track 36"

posted November 14, 2003 03:31 PM
We run a torque arm at 42". We have played with preload with a progressive spring but not the length. Hardware is big heims mounted to thick steel tabs just to the right of the third member just like Wauge described. I agree with the post above, better on a tacky track. Time ins, heats, and dashes we do alright, but we suck when it gets dry. Loose in, loose out. Could be other problems though, we are kinda newbies.

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