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Author Topic:   4/z help and options
posted November 05, 2003 04:32 PM
I'm on my second year with the 4/z setup. This year I had a fast car but I had a wicked throttle push. This is what I have RF-850,LF-750,LR-250 and RR-200 140LB LR split 59% rear,52.5% Lf,53.5% cross.RF 537,LF507,RR646 and LR802 wheel weight. I have 109.5 in wheel base with metric front end. I had a 750lb pull bar spring and Afco just sent me a 1050lb spring. My z side bars are level and my 4 bar lower has 5degrees up and top bar is 15 degrees up. Lr spring is in front which I know I have to change and the RR is behind the rearend both on clamp brackets which I'd like to keep. My bars are on bearing birdcages. The tracks hear range from tacky to super dryslick, sizes are alittle smlr then 3/8 little banking. I also just put in a 32 gallon fuel cell from a 22.
I think that's everything! Does anyone have any setup suggestions. I lost alot of races this year from the car being to tight. Next year I would like to run for track champ. Any help would be greatly apprec!

Owner 99
posted November 05, 2003 08:21 PM
We run a 108" car with metric clip. We run Nova lowers and run 650rf, 750lf, 225lr, 175rr. We run 50 heavier on lr. We ran as much as 140 but car had throttle push. Kept backing up and found that car still bites well with 50 lbs. The spring in front on lr is ok cause car gets up on the bars right away and spring does not do much but hold up the car when off the gas. Right rear in top instead of behind will also take some of the throttle push out of the car. Hope this helps.

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