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Author Topic:   no torque plate solid mount trans?
posted November 02, 2003 07:21 PM
I have an asphalt modified, perry chassis and it is built with no mid plate just front motor mounts and rear trans mount (bottom) I am new to Mods, so I dont know if I will break my trans, or bellhousing. I am building it up and plan to use a bert or Brinn if I can find one used. How do I mount this? do I need to weld up a mid plate braket mount to my car? It doesnt have any bars to do this so It will be extensive. Help

posted November 02, 2003 07:54 PM
welcome to the forum brent!

i run my outlaw stock in that same configuration. solid front mounts and a solid transmission mount. my transmission mount pivots on one bolt so as not to bind when the torque of the engine is applied. with this arrangement, the front mounts absorb all the torque and the transmission mount is there just to hold up the rear of the transmission. over 550HP and no problems to date.

most mods use a solid front mount and a mid-plate and just let the transmission hang off of that. if you want to come look at my car, feel free. you know how to contact me.
posted November 02, 2003 09:12 PM
This is an old sprint motor and will be around 550 horse. will rubber trans mount hold up? I looked on here for a simular problem but didnt see any posts. I dont want the trq of engine to effect chassis much.