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Author Topic:   4 bar/Z-link vs Z-link/Z-link
posted October 20, 2003 12:57 AM
Well here ya go...This is the "trend" and here is MY OPINION on the reason.

As many people switching a 4 bar/4 bar to a 4 bar/Z link there are just as many switching a Z link/Z link to a 4 bar/Z link. It is kinda like getting the best of both worlds. The Right side being a 4 bar makes the car a little unpredictable. You get a bunch of rear steer when you don't want it and going through the bumps. That wheel that has all the weight on it as you go around the turn jumping back and forth is a handful to say the least. On the other hand, a 4 bar on the LR created a ton of bite. You can also put a ton of rear steer in it if you like but it is much more controllable than the steer on th RR. No matter what, the 4 bar be it LR or RR is more difficult to drive but once you figure out the happy is REALLY fast. The problem is that the "happy medium" seems to change every night and you end up chasing the set-up more times than not.

I tried the 4 bar a couple years ago in my DW-8. I HATED IT. I swore I would never have another 4 bar again. By the end of this season, I fired up the torch and welder and switched my Smiley’s to a 4 bar/Z link. LOVE IT!

Either j-bar or long panard bar will work great. I don't suggest a short panard bar at first. Unless very dry and very smooth, the car gets up on the bar and is very tough to drive with a 4 bar.

Spring and shock placement is a matter of where it will fit. Most popular is to put the spring on the back of the bird cage (LR) and put the shock up front...if it will fit. If it is too tight, put a clamp bracket for the shock. Make sure to remove spring and move the rear end up and down to all limits and beyond. It is common to have thing bottom out and spit drivelines out...or drive them into the tail shaft. Be ready for a lot of movement...and a learning curve.

posted October 20, 2003 11:21 PM
Wow...that is really soft on the swing arm. It really depends on your track. If dry, slow, and low banked, you would be fine with soft springs. The average is 1/2 the spring rate on the swing arm. I run a 300 to 350 on the right and a 175 to a 225 on the 4 bar/LR.

Like I said, it depends on your track. We run a banked, heavy, rough track so a stiffer spring package is better. What is your track like?

Don't worry about your rear split. Once you get it out on the track, use your shock bumpers to fine tune spring rate.

Just to add more confusion for you, my experience is a much stiffer RF is needed with a 4 bar LR. When I have softened the RF, it pushes the car over the RF and it pushes like a freight train. Anyone else agree or is it just me???

posted October 21, 2003 01:04 PM
just to make everybody think...i ran a z-link on the left rear an a 4 link on the right everything off the rr, and screw tire temps...maybe someone else tried it...dont hear alot about it but it could be the next thing

posted October 30, 2003 06:05 PM
a lot of guys around here run 4bar - zlink cars. they also seem to have a lot of sucess doing it..