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Author Topic:   wanna see something interesting!!!!?
posted October 11, 2003 08:08 AM           
Go to and click on dirtdriver directory then click on blackbirdbend speedway then click on the sportmod you'll will see without a doubt the oldest modified in competition for 2004 right there.
This car is documented at 20+ yrs old had drum brakes all the way around when it was FIRST biult and still has the 76 lincoln continental rearend in it. It still has the the original sheetmetal on it from back then and has a wheelbase of 115 inches. It sits a a 76 monte carlo stub that goes all the way back to the front of the rear tires. It has a two link suspension with a fith arm and wieghs in at 2800 lbs.
This car has been documented all the way back as far as 82 and has NEVER finished worst then 10th!!! It has raced Harlan, Dennision, and eagle raceways in iowa and nebraska.
This is the most stout well built mod ive ever seen dont ever spin out in front of me or you will be hurting! This car will race in the b-mods next year at Blackbird bend speedway.
Any questions or comments would be welcome at or post them here thanks guys!!!


posted October 11, 2003 08:24 AM
Not that a car that old cant be competitive its that a car that old isnt safe due to one main reason. Moisture accumalates on the inside of the tubing and rusts the tubing inside out making the cage weak and since that car is 20+ years old the stress on the steel plus the rust factor i mentioned i wouldnt race it i would park it and drive something much newer cause it would be SAFER.

posted October 11, 2003 09:12 AM
custom is right, Ive seen you looking for info on dirtdrivers.

heres a car with the frame to the rear tires also if that what you like but its a little newer, its near onawa..

1996 Ron Little chassis last raced 2 years ago at Stewart. Track champion Pruitt car-roller w/9" floater,quicksteer,seat,fuel cell,extra shocks-springs-upper a-arms,dozen take-off tires and wheels(some are beadlocks) plus more....$1,500 cash---(712)455-2129

posted October 11, 2003 10:22 AM
i'm with these guys as i posted on your post in the fans section you have some documentation on this car that makes it appealing to vintage racers and collectors. i'd try to sell it to those guys and use the money twords a newer chassis or take your bolt ons off that and get a newer one you can find bare chassis for under a grand all over the place. your already starting off with a 300# disadvantage to everybody else already which is not a good start and your also 20 yars of technology behind too but the biggest thing is the safly here in wc the b mods are only about 1.5-2 seconds slower lap times wise to the regular mods so don't let the b in b mods fool you