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Author Topic:   j-bar & brakes
posted October 07, 2003 11:38 PM
Just want to hear some racers different opinions, ideas & experience.
When would you sacrifice a steep mounting angle in the j-bar (for side bite) against just a low roll centre (move bar all the way down @ frame)?

What is a good starting point for brake bias (fr - rr) and when do you change it?

When do you change from 3 wheel to 4 wheel braking (turning rf off)?

posted October 08, 2003 04:53 PM
I have a DW8. My opinion of the J-bar angle is to always try to keep it as level as you can. The more level that you can keep your panhard bar and still have good site bite you will have more forward bite.I also believe that there is a certain point on moving your jbar up that you keep gaining site bite until you meet that point and then you start losing it again. Thats my opinion. As far as the brakes go I usually go out with 50/50 on my bias adjuster. It just depends on the track.