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Author Topic:   Building new chassis
posted October 07, 2003 03:14 PM
Currently I am running a Smileys 4 bar left and Z link R with a lift bar/5th spring. I run the LR clammed in front and the RR on the swing arm. Our track is usually heavy and rough. I think the lift bar lets me get away with a clamped car on a heavy track compared to a pull bar car. I am wanting to go to a pull bar car this year with the same set up. My question is, is anyone out there clamped up, on a 4 bar, pull bar, and running a heavy track? Can you still turn the car?

FYI, Hoosiers, heavy and very fast track


posted October 08, 2003 12:42 AM
The king of yreka dosnt need to change anything except the track that keeps tearing his stuff up.....boycott S.O.S ..Mark please E- mail me I need some help on some parts JT54