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Author Topic:   Removing powder coating
posted October 07, 2003 02:01 PM
Is removing powder coating a difficult and time consuming process? I am taking off black in favor of a lighter color to make sure I see breaks in the welds if I wreck it, and I like red. Anyone have any experience with this???

Rick D
posted October 07, 2003 05:27 PM
Sand blasting or chemical stripping is the only way to get all the powder coating off.
It cost us about three times more to have a powder coated part sand blasted ( or plastic media stripped) then the same part if it was painted.

#13 mod
posted October 07, 2003 06:03 PM
We do powder coating where I work, and we do chassis. The best way to get the best looking finish is to have the car sand blasted. The company that dose most of the sand blasting in our area charges $75 to do a mod, and we charge $225 for the powder coating. Not to bad of a price for a bullet prof paint job if you ask me.

posted October 08, 2003 07:09 AM
I did mine with aircraft stripper. It took 1 1/2 gallons and 3 days with my wife helping. Then another day and a half to sand and prep it. Hardest part of building the whole car and by the end of the season the paint has chips all over. Never gonna do this again. Sandblast and powdercoating only way to go.

posted October 08, 2003 10:50 PM
what you need is 2 cases of beer,2 angle grinders w/wire brushes on them,and a good buddy, oh might want a face sheild or 2 so you don't end up bleeding to death from picking wire brush out of your face.GOOD LUCK

posted October 19, 2003 11:02 AM
I like Andy's idea, that way when you get tired just set down the angle grinder and pick up the 12oz. Once you do finally get finished you will probably look like this .

posted October 19, 2003 12:23 PM
Been there, done that!

posted October 28, 2003 05:01 PM
sounds like a good idea,... LOL!!

Actually, I took the car out to Harris and they did all the updates and now I must decide,...paint or powder... that is the question. But its done and ready for action again.

posted October 28, 2003 06:22 PM
We had ours sandblasted. Then we primed it & painted it with impliment (tractor) paint & primer. The stiff is only about $17.00 p/gal. & will stick to about anything. Tuff as heck too! Ours has lasted two yrs. & is still good enough for next year. Pretty good color selection too. We used ford tractor blue & it was very close to our Chevron blue aluminum. The nicest thing is that you can buy it in arosol cans also to use for touchup after replacing damaged bars or bumpers. Go to any Tractor Supply, Wheelers, or any Farm supply store. Spend your big $$ on something that will make you fast.

posted October 30, 2003 07:51 PM
You are so right!!!

posted November 13, 2003 07:32 AM
Aircraft stripper will work you to death. And burns when you get it on you, it's not really something you want to put on and then grab a grinder with a wire brush.

dirt poor racing
posted November 13, 2003 05:35 PM
i agree with the tractor paint we used white and it covers rather nicely...