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Author Topic:   2 link to 4 bar/Z link
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posted October 06, 2003 07:58 PM
We are going to be changing cars next year, and rear suspension types. We have a 1999 2-link Harris now, and are going to run a 2002 Harris Moly 4-bar/Z-link next season. What things do we need to watch out for with the change to 4-bar/Z-link? What are some of the major change as far as the setup goes? Any information will be helpfull, Thanks....

posted October 07, 2003 12:19 PM
your biggest changes will be spring rates..
generally on 2 link cars you run anywhere from 225 to 175 on the lr and 150 to 200 on the right rear, now with the 4 bar z link you will run from 225 to 300 on the left rear and 175 to 225 on the right rear
also the way the bars work on the birdcages
on the left rear
the bottom bar is rear steer...
the more angle makes for more rear steer..
the top bar is bite, just like your 2 link car.. raise it up for bite, lower it for less
on the right rear... the bottom bar is mainly for rear steer... and the rear bar is bite... move it up to take bite away and lower it to give that tire bite...

posted October 07, 2003 01:58 PM
I just completed my first year in a 4/Z in a Harris. You will be adjusting your driving style as well, and if your track is a dry slick track all of the time, run a 377 or a 383. stay away from lots of horsepower at first or you may never get the hang of it. I took rear stear out of my car and ran second a couple of times this year. Make sure that the suspension is in the car correctly as well, mine wasn't and caused some dismay at first. If you have never driven a 4/Z then don't give up if at first you get frustrated, we didn't and it did get better towards the end of the season. However, I am taking my car back to Harris in two weeks and exploring the possibility of changing to a 3 link.

#13 mod
posted October 07, 2003 06:08 PM
Thanks for all the information, that should get us started. If you have anymore setups that you have tried and have had work well or have tried and failed with and don't mind passing that information along that would be helpful too.