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Author Topic:   Anyone ever try a lift bar mounted solid to x member?
posted September 28, 2003 03:43 PM
Has anyone tried to mount lift bar on a heim to the driveline hoop ?.....Im running 3 link with pull bar now.....just wondering if this would be to violent a reaction .....anyone try this ?

Donnie Ross
posted September 28, 2003 08:08 PM
never tried it because I think the reaction when you mash the gas would be violent.about the same as running truck arms, if the driver was real smooth on the gas it could work.

posted September 28, 2003 09:13 PM
We used to run a reese bar to a similar mount...haven't seen this setup in years.

posted September 28, 2003 11:24 PM
whats this reese bar deal?.....I was thinking of running a spring pull bar on the top of the rear end down to a six whole bracket on the lower part of the lift bar so I could adjust the angle up or down,I think with this set up enitialy the lift bar would react like a pull bar and eventualy end up like a lift bar at the end of the pull......some one once told me that every concievable suspension has already been tryed at one time or another,but I cant seem to keep my mind from trying to invent a better mouse you guys think the rear stear would react the same with the bottom of the rear end not being able to rotate forward ? me figure this out so I dont waist abunch of time....ha ha.

posted September 30, 2003 01:33 AM
.......and money....

posted September 30, 2003 01:00 PM
We have run the solid top link (pullbar) on our car with pretty good results. If you car has good forward bite and the track is heavy it will take all the engine you have. On a dry slick track you are better off with a shock absorbing devise ( whether it be spring pull bar, reese bar, or a biscuit bar).