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Author Topic:   Converting from 2-link to 4 / Z Link
posted September 25, 2003 11:44 AM
Does anyone have any measurements where to place the brackets (heights) for converting a 2-link car to 4-link or Z-link - I've got some chassis work to do this winter and thought I'd add the 4-link bar mounts onto the chassis since that seems to be what everyone is running around here...

Does anyone have any engineering drawings or chassis measurements from a 4-link car?

posted September 26, 2003 10:16 AM
Look at the AFCO and RPM website. They give detailed info on the 4 Link as does Steve Smith. (I think there's info in the Toolbox on this site) Basically, at ride height, you want to have your lower links able to be adjusted from negative 5 degrees to positive 5 degrees. You'll most likely run them level. For the uppers, you'll want to start at 15 degrees with the ability to run up to 23-28 degrees and down as much as 10-12 degrees. The length of your links is very crucial to how the whole system works. If you're interested in setting yours up like a DirtWorks, they use 12.5" lowers and 14.5" uppers. The shorter the links the more radical the suspension will be and the quicker everything will react (also lots of rear steer). But, the shorter links allow you to move the cage and weight further rearward in the car, thus providing tons of mechanical leverage and resulting forward bite. The baseline linkage measurements are 13" lowers, and 15" uppers. (You should keep the upper and lower links within 2" of each other, as a general rule) If you run a Z-link on the RR, you'll want to start with both bars level at ride height and be able to adjust from there.