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Author Topic:   going from mech to belt drive alky question
posted September 17, 2003 07:38 PM
Depends on the type of by-pass it is, the perfect one would limit your fuel line pressure to what you set it at. Say 6 lbs, it would always have 6 lbs, idle or WOT. What type of pump (belt or pushrod) dosent matter, if you have a KSE then it will be about as close to perfect has you can be. Find out what your pump has for built in pressure, and get a by pass that will work with the pump

posted September 18, 2003 09:16 AM
i'm sure bg make a bypass that you require.
we run a bp pump (belt drive) and bypass (on fuel log) on our late model and don't have a problem.
just using a pill in the return line is not ideal (though it will work) as the pump can exceed (pressure) more than is required and can be returned.
a bypass reg. is adjustable with a jet (pill) at idle (low speed) and a diaphragm to adjust pressure at wot, as the pressure requirements at the 2 speeds are different. don't forget, too much pressure will hold the needle open in the carb.
hope that helps a little.