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Author Topic:   Brinn VS TCI
posted September 17, 2003 09:41 AM
Although the season is slowly coming to an end, I am searching around to decide which transmission is the better choice. TCI now has the clutchless style tranny, and I have heard nothing but GOOD about the BRINN. Does anybody have any convincing opinions on this subject? I am sure there has been a TON of racers purchase the Brinn/Falcon/Bert this year with the new rules. How many more RPMís can you expect to turn on a 3/8 mile track, when switching over to a Brinn from a stock GM 3-speedÖIíve heard between 300 and 500. Anybody had the time to see the difference in HP on a chassis dyno (or know of any links with the data)?

Thanks in advance. I want to make sure we purchase the right item for next season.

posted September 17, 2003 10:08 AM
I can't stress enough how much better the Brinn is compared to any automatic. The increased RPM is true. The acceleration is also noticeably better. I had some reservations about slow re-starts, but didn't find it to be a problem. Due to the lack of reciprocating weight, the motor spins up very quickly and my restarts really improved. That's coming from a guy that runs a lot taller gear than most. I usually run a 4.86 with my 406 on a large 3/8 mile with most guys are running a 5.14 or 5.29. You can't beat it for the money and you'll never have to buy another tranny. Just remember if you purchase a Brinn, when you're in low gear, make sure you keep the clutch pedal pushed down and don't let it slip. This is the only thing that wears out (the clutch discs), but they're easy to replace. The other nice thing is you change the oil in the Brinn when you change the oil in the motor. Just drop the drain plugs in both, and refill the Brinn with the same oil you're using in the engine (about 3/4 of a quart). Sorry for the long response, hope these comments help.

posted September 18, 2003 05:38 PM
thanks Chad....

anybody else? 1 reply -> 75 views!!!

posted September 18, 2003 07:58 PM
I am also curious to see other reponses. My brother is looking at the switch. Also curious about the Ray Guss Jr. tranny.

posted September 19, 2003 08:21 AM
After running a Brinn I wouldnt even mess with anythign else.

posted September 19, 2003 03:58 PM
I ran a powerglide last year, running a falcon this year. I had the drive line slam into the back of the falcon early in the season and it is still running. I would have had to rebuild the PG. The acceleration difference between the two is very noticable. I am very satisfied with the falcon. Wouldn't want to go back to the PG.

posted September 19, 2003 04:25 PM
Just curious guys with the glides are you running direct drive or with a converter?
I run a glide and like the one / two restarts. I have a Bert in the garage but just seem to have great luck with the glides I running, so why change. Maybe its who is building the glide. Mine are done by Bert Brown racing transmissions.
Just my 2 cents.

posted September 19, 2003 07:39 PM
Switched from a TCI Glide to a Brinn,the Brinn wins hands down.The glide was good , but the Brinn is better.

posted September 21, 2003 09:21 AM
WE too used to run the glide and after breaking 2 or 3 a year or having it rebuilt every year it was well worth it for the Brinn. Ran it 3 seasons and never touched it beside changing oil. Saved us money in the long run. Plus the Brinn is a tranny designed for racing not adapted from the street. Fewer parts, heavy duty design, and lightweight. A glide or stock tranny doesnt hold a candle to it in my opinion.

GO 24
posted September 22, 2003 03:00 PM
I know never I'd go back to a 3 spd---I really like the Berts and I swear their bullet proof.

posted September 23, 2003 09:27 AM
brownstone -

how much does on of those glide setups that you mentioned above cost?

still looking for anybody with chassis dyno differences between a Brinn and the others. i the Brinn seems to be significantly lighter than the glide.

do you need to rebuild the clutch pack each season on the Brinn...and is it as easy to do as I have heard?

posted September 23, 2003 10:56 AM
Personally, I don't think you guys are talking apples to apples here. A glide has it's place in racing and a Brinn in it's place. When you compare the two, they are not the same application any more. I don't know if this topic was brought up since TCI is a sponsor on our site or not, but I think some things need to be thought out more. A powerglide(whoever builds it) is for lower classes nowadays. There are some IMCA type mods running it still, but mostly they are in street stocks, pures, bombers etc because of the affordability factor....are brinns legal for these classes? When comparing trannies, I think a better comparison my be Bert Brown vs. TCI or Bert vs. Brinn...or better YET....Layne vs Brinn vs. Bert. Durablity for ultimate high horsepower combinations will definitely see a benefit in a standard transmission, simply because of less moving parts. An automatic tranny vs a standard tranny isn't even a comparison.


posted September 23, 2003 12:42 PM
How often do you have the glide overhauled..and how much does it cost. Figure that into the equation not just the inital cost. Thats why i say the Brinn saved us money in the long run. You can get a new Brinn for around 1250$, a used one around 850$(same as your glide setup) and you can use a stock bellhousing if you dont want to use theirs.
As for clutches if you are not hard on them they will last a long time. We have run the Brinn 3 seasons now.. about 80 races and still works fine. We are having clutches put in this year just because we feel its time but other than changing oil in it we have never touched it.

Thats a good point. You wont find any super late models running glides just like you wont find any hobbies or streets(at least not many) running a Brinn.
For all out high HP/torque combinations where durability is a concern the Brinn/Bert/Falcon/Layne whatever is the way to they are lighter and rob less power.

Just my opinion anyways....

posted September 23, 2003 01:39 PM
Jammin -

I didn't post this topic because of the sponsorship of TCI at all. My Dad and I are simply trying to decide what transmission is the best bang for our buck to put in our IMCA modified next season. Currently running a stock 3 speed, so anything is going to be an improvement. We just KNOW that if we don't spend the extra $$ on a transmission for next season, we are going to start off in the hole, which takes the fun out of racing and being competitive.

If a Powerglide isn't even close to the Brinn (apples to apples), I certainly want to spend the extra $500 or so to get the Brinn.

Thanks for all of the replies thus far!

posted September 23, 2003 03:33 PM

I know where there might be a couple of used Brinns for sale. PM me if you are interested. Cold prob get one for around 800$.

I know several guys who run them in a late model 1 season then sell them to mod guys. Since they are virtually bulletproof you can pick up a good tranny for your mod for 2/3 of what a new one costs.

posted September 23, 2003 03:35 PM
Glides do have their place in in any class and are not just for lower classes unless jammin is calling modifieds lower class.

I have seen all of them (glides, berts, brinns, etc) win in cars that have them.
If there is an advantage i dont see it.
I run a glide and have beaten the cars with berts brinns, and i have been beaten by them also.
There are some good drivers out there running glides and winning with them.
So i guess i would say that what ever your choice would be it will be a good one, cause you cant go wrong with any of them (glides, bert, or brinn).
Just my 2cents worth.
But i would recommend a glide anyday.