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Author Topic:   Changing from mono to 3 link!
posted August 07, 2003 04:23 PM
I have been running a D-W 6 mono car the last few years but the old girl just isnt as competitive as I would like ....I have built a new chassis paterned after a smilies with a metric front stub.....I am planning to run a three linc with pull bar and "J" bar what length links would you guys sugest ,springs shocks etc. I run on the west coast where we have some prety rough tacky tracks ,but also a good share of dry stuff ...I hate dry slick and never could make my mono car get much forward bite please give me some input on what to expect switching from mono to a linc car.....come on guys I know there are a lot of you that have been in the same boat that I am sometime!

posted August 07, 2003 06:41 PM
Run 18-20" links heim to heim, index left rear to go from 5 deg up to 20 deg and right rear to go from 0 deg up to 15 deg. Start with both at about 10 deg up. RR spring on top and left ahead of axle. Pull bar set it to go from 10 deg to 20 deg down and run it about to where the driveshaft loop will be and make the mounts about 5-6 inches wide with adjusters so you can move left to right of centerline of driveshaft. for a good example to look at go to Run about a 20" j bar start with 2nd hole up from bottom on pinion with a sliding clamp on a 2x2 square on chassis side with about 5-10 deg rake downhill to right. This should be a good start for you.

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posted August 08, 2003 02:58 AM
Thank you Custom performance,I apreciate your help and have learned alot from your posts .Should I follow some of the other posts on here relating to spring rates etc.? I was thinking of starting with 750 lf 800 rf 200 lr 175 for tacky 150 on dry on rr.My old car was heavy and never had more than 57% rear ,I started with 51% cross for tacky and went up to about 55% on dry ,with about 20 degrees on rubber biscuit pull bar with 90/10 on top of rear end....I could never get this car to have good forward bite off the corners on dry slick.....I think maybe because of the pull bar I was using ( it was old) you think the spring rates and persentages I have above will work ?...I expect alot beter rear percenage on the new car....these are alot of questions ,I know . any ideas on how this suspension will react diferently from the leafs?...I guess Im just nervouse because I dont Know what to expect.Thanks again ! Jonnie "T"54

posted August 12, 2003 12:26 AM
hey custom, where in front are you runnin the spring?

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