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Author Topic:   metric swing arm help!!!!!!
j mod
posted August 07, 2003 12:54 AM
what type front suspension do you have?? Metric or nova lower A-arms??

On this topic you will get alot of different spring rates, I know cause i have asked about this before.
Alot will depend on drivers preference and driving style.
What we have done is play with springs from what people gave us for info and went from there. WE had 750LF, 850RR, 350LR, 325RR (rear springs 13") and car was good, but still needed more.
Now we are playing with 900LF, 800RF, with same springs on rear and 1000lb spring on pull bar. and we went from J-bar to the short pan hard bar and the car was the fastest it has been. We just need to fine tune it from here now.
Good Luck!!!

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j mod
posted August 15, 2003 06:01 PM
im running the stock metric lowers with 750lf and 850rf...350lr 250rr

i will try a few of the suggestions this weekend and let you know..


posted August 19, 2003 01:30 PM
Spring rates on the front should be RF 1000,LF 900,RR 275,LR 300 if it is a swing arm metric car.Panhard bar 8 ins high on frame from bottom and 2 to 3 ins lower on the rear end or pinion mount.58% to 60% rear weight and 53% left side.80 to 120 lbs left rear.49 to 51% cross weight with the driver.This is a good starting point.Make sure your brake balance is correct.Should be 80% rear brake to start, if it is too loose put in more front to tighten your entry.Dman

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