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Author Topic:   Howe hydro. t/o bearing leaking fluid
posted August 06, 2003 06:05 PM
I have about half a season on my howe t/o bearing, and noticed sat. night the clutch pedal was spongy, and almost wouldnt let me put the car in gear at idle.

took a look, and it had ran out of fluid. I topped it off and went racing.

At the shop up on jack stands, I can see that the t/o bearing is losing fluid. I checked the line, and verified that it was tight, but I can visually see fluid on the bearin.

Its got maybe 10 races on it. Is this common? Have i got it set to loose and over extending its travel?


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posted August 07, 2003 03:11 PM
They have an "O" ring inside ...I think you have to remove a snap ring to get to it ...then just take the "O" ring to a parts or a hydrolics suplier to match up's an easy too..hope this helps.

posted August 07, 2003 04:00 PM
They make a rebuild kit for it. but the kit don't have the snap ring and most likely if u rebuild it u gonna need a new snap ring. i also had a howe and rebuilt it and the snap ring got bent all to peices.

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