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Author Topic:   UMP/IMCA tire
posted July 21, 2003 06:38 PM
I Need an idea of RPM differance between the 2 differant sized tires, with everything else being equal (gear,track conditions,track size etc.)
Perhaps, 1 gear size,300 RPM?
I think the IMCA tires were something like 80-82"ish and the Hoosiers are 86-89"ish.
Unfortunately Im running a motor this weekend that I cant turn very hard, and I need to have an idea of just how much gear I need to take out to let her live a little.
I know, better note taking over the years, and a tach recall that actually works, may have helped me with this one. THANKS in advance!

old racer
posted July 21, 2003 07:45 PM
I ran Hoosiers for the first time this week and i actually turned about 100 less rpm because i wasn't spinning the tires as bad.

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