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Author Topic:   4-link lr,two link rr
posted July 19, 2003 08:26 PM
Would an imca modified work with a four link on the left,and a two link on the right?I think that if the two link was centered on the front of the housing on a heim,instead of a bracket below the housing it would eliminate the roll steer on that wheel,and would let the left rear move forward as much as needed.Isn't that what the purpose of the z-link on the right is for?,to eliminate the roll of the right rear?Plese help,it is giving me a headache pondering if I should try it before the season is over.

posted July 19, 2003 10:57 PM
I did something like that once on a car I was working with I took the upper and lower links off the bird cage and hook them to the same bolt on the front then your rear end rotates nice and free yet your hooked up kind of like the ol wishbone set up. Let me know how you guys like it if you try it. I don't know that it helped us but maybe we didn't work with long enough. I think rear over steer is needed on these short dry slick tracks when you can't get any stagger like you need.

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