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posted July 14, 2003 02:27 PM
I am having all kinds of trouble this year on corner entry and exit. No side bite on entry and mide and therfore no bite off. Here are some spec's on car. Ford LTD73 stub basic three link rear. 55-59 rear depending on type of track. percentages as follows. L 55-58 C 48-56 R 55-59. Panhard behind rearend mounted on frame on left. Upper arm mounted to left of center of rear center pig. Springs on top of rearend. spring rates rear 125-175 tried them all. front springs 500-750 tried them all and all combos. 114 wheel base. Max width front 78" rear 2-6 narrower. All three rear links solid no rubber. When I get in the corner the rear will not stick unless drive in slower and turn car in. Basicly have to drive it like an asphalt car or no good at all.Two types of tracks here althou the difference is smaller than in past years. mostly dry slick? One track has some bite early but then it gets dryer and does not take rubber. The basic setup is not really changeable.Left side wt is very difficult to get below 55%. Any ideas on this?

posted July 14, 2003 02:50 PM
Could you be more specific about what is in the car as we speak?

posted July 14, 2003 04:36 PM
Saturday I had in 700lb springs in front straight up and 150s in the rear straight up.This is a "home built chassis and it was built to be low and weight to the left. Car is very good on rubbered up tracks witth some banking 12deg or so. the flatter the worse it gets. Upper pull bar at approx 17-20 left at 5 up and right at 0. ride hts. front lf 51/2 rf 5 3/4 lr 6 3/4 rr 5 1/4. lf shock 4 rf 5/3 lr 3 rr 4. all wt high and middle to right. 8 gal gas tank is mounted low in car cannot change. ? would front roll center afect rear roll enough to cause this. also what is strange is the car rolled less with this setup than with wt to left and or low and wedge way up say 54% or so. anyway i am confussed so any suggestions and i will try. thanks

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