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Author Topic:   win one week, junk the next
posted July 06, 2003 07:30 PM
my guess would be brakes.


posted July 06, 2003 07:43 PM
One other thing to remember, when setting up the brakes....if you dont have a bias guage, it is going to be hard to tell....but, you can adjust more rear or more front brake also by adjusting the plungers on the brake pedals where they ***** into them....I had misadjusted mine at the first of the year and was pushing like a freightrain....I got the wrenches out at the track and we went from 300 lbs of rear to, we tried it, I thought I was gonna spin going in,...had to back it off a couple of turns to make it right.... they made it so much easier to turn the car, that is why I say that it is probably a brake problem...because if you have more rear brakes, you can overcome alot of entry problems just by adding or taking it away.

Hope this helps a little bit


posted July 07, 2003 12:21 AM
I would also add the brake deal ....i got a new car this year and first time out it was awsome fast went home left it alone went out next week and same deal man it was like a bulldozer unless i got it sideways at the the end of the night i had hit the wall it pushed so hard.....found a small leak in rear plastic brake we pulled all the lines started over and it seemed ok but if i just tried a little brake it would push bad..... Like jammin said i had to adjust the bars for the masters even with the balance bar all to the rear... Now i have all the rear brake i need i use it to turn the car if i have to but most of all i have no problem going in the turns with another car and know if i need to brake i wont push up...BTW i have had a real loose entry car that i was driving in real tight to avoid the rear getting out from under me that would push....but when i got the loose under control that fixed the push

George Gilliland
posted July 07, 2003 09:51 AM
Look at the right front shock travel. If this bottoms out you will get a very bad push. If the track is slow and you do not go in as hard then the car could be very fast.

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