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Author Topic:   2spd. muncie question
posted July 06, 2003 11:31 AM
have any of you built any of theese?
if we were looking with the side cover off,input shaft on left,tail on right, can any one tell me if there should be washers or spacers with the two gears that slide togeather{one from inside the case,the otherslides into the first from the back of the case}. or is the only thing that holds this in line the shaft that fits in the tailhousing and slides through the middle of the two small gears?
also the large bottom shaft that i think is only for reverse,straight under the main shaft is missing a couple of teeth,but not sure how to get it out. it has a 5/16 bolt that looks like it goes from the back of the main case and is threaded into it?
we have all the parts that we need ,but are unsure how to get the main shafts out of the cases. do any of you know where i might find a parts breakdown that may show the steps needed? and to think we only had a cracked tailhousing !!! thank you for help.

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