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Author Topic:   CHANGE IN TOE OUT
posted July 03, 2003 09:51 PM
You may have had bent parts before and didnt know it.when you **t on new parts the toe is gonna change.

posted July 04, 2003 12:36 AM
Did you change chassis?

posted July 04, 2003 08:34 AM
Its hard to do anything on the front of a car that will not affect your toe. Like the other post said, you may have had a bent stud on a ball joint, that will give you the 1 1/2 inches you were out. Even truning a wedge bolt 2 turns can change toe 1/8".

posted July 04, 2003 01:24 PM
I spun out two weeks ago and as I went around, I realized that the leaders were behind me and would plow me if I didn't get off the track. So stayed on the gas and went around so fast and hard I bent all of my steeing parts (to include the Steering gear box arm.)

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posted July 11, 2003 09:25 PM
Realign it and go racing. If nothing looks bent broken and the parts are the same you will be ok.

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