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Author Topic:   need some help with loose in tight off
posted June 29, 2003 09:09 PM
I've got a 97 harris, it's got 750 rf spring 650 lf and 175 rears staggered, lr in front rr in back the car is loose in and tight off tried leading rr but the car then comes of the corner sideways for half the straight, would running reverse springs in the front help with the tight off?


posted June 30, 2003 02:37 AM
Charlie, start at the flag stand and fix your problems in order. The reason you do that is that the first problem might be causing the next, as I believe is the case here.

As far as loose in and tight off... If all else is right, I would look at cross weight. What do you have? You might have too much. That is a classic example. But, since there are a bazillion things that affect your problem, that's where we'll start and go from there. Flipping your springs might help, but it would be a band-aid only at this point. Judging by what you have for rear springs, I wonder how you could get it tight coming off. Typical LR spring would be a 200 for your car. Set the lead in the RR at 1/2" (108" on right and 108.5" on left wheel base).

What shocks do you have on the car? Is your driver driving in too hard for conditions? Does the car have a torque-arm or pull-bar? What do you have for a panhard bar?


posted June 30, 2003 10:49 AM
This is funny, I was just about to put up a new post with the complete opposite problem - my car is tight getting in and loose off. So, as long as everyone is thinking about race99's problem could I also get a little help?

I also have a Harris with a similar set up - 3 link with 900lb pull bar, 750 RF, 650 LF, 200 LR, 175 RR (LR in front, RR behind), 50.5% Cross, 59.5% Rear, 52% left (without driver), 2-3" stagger in rear.

Last year the car was great. However, I am now racing at a faster track with more banked turns and I went to an open motor which requires an additional 200 lbs. I added the weight to increase rear weight % but tried to keep the same left and cross %.

Where would you start? Will more cross weight help with corner entry and thereby also help with tightening it up on exit? Thanks for the help.

posted June 30, 2003 11:36 AM
At turn entry your pan hard bar can/will affect your handling characteristics much more than you might think. What type of panhard bar? J-bar, Straight bar, etc. What angle are you running? Your percentages may not be to far off and just need to make minor changes to get you comfortable all to the center of the turn. Once there you should be better on exit. Also what are your brake pressure settings. If you are running a track that requires alot of braking on entry, then if you are using alot of rear brake, that can cause a loose condition. Like earlier post stated, always start at the entry point of the turn to work on handling problems. Loose in problem, one will usually gather the car in after getting loose and think they are falling behind and then get back in the gas after you have straighten the car back out usually causing the car to feel tight off if. Basically that is not a chassis problem off of the exit but an entrance problem. Sometimes very minor adjustments can help this situation. Your basic set up does not look bad or wrong. If you are running alot of angle in your panhard bar, try leveling it out until your car feels better. Just a few thoughts, I may be off from is actually happeing. But if the info helps then thats good.

posted June 30, 2003 01:23 PM
49mtmod - Is your rear end square, or are you leading either side?

posted June 30, 2003 09:12 PM
My rear end is squared up and I am running a long panhard bar behind the rearend without much angle (2 degrees).

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posted June 30, 2003 10:08 PM
I run a 99 Harris 225 lr,200 rr.750 lf,650 rf,the car works the best with the panhard bar level with the center line of the axle housing.700lb pullbar spring,51%lft,59%rear,50.7cross,without driver.Lft rear trails 1/4.

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