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Author Topic:   mod or late model?
Ryan Lingner
posted June 29, 2003 01:51 PM
Looking for a cost comparison between the 2 classes running IMCA rules. I went to a local track last night and put the fast guys in each class on the watch to see the mods running only .6 slwer per lap than the late models. NOw you would think that is is alot and it is but let me give you the deatails abit. The mods rolled out onto the track first and the track was still wet. MOst of the mods came out of the corner very sideways. The late models has the benifit of having 2 mod heats, 4 factory stock heats,3 bomber heats, and 2 legend heats before they took the track and when they did get to the track it was as good as the track was going to get for the night. Having said that the mods would have out run the late models big time if they would have had the same track condition. That would lead me to think that the mod guys are bringing a bigger gun to the fight?
It looks that the late models are slowly going away but I don't understand it with both classes now running a aftermarket trans that cost is a mute deal. Also the motor rules seems to have everyone running the same stuff in the late model class. Smae heads,intake..... Am I missing something here?
I would love to see a side by side cost comparison of what a front running team spends these days in each class. If you wish to share your cost include a detailed list and car count in your class and track size. Thanks Ryan Lingner

posted June 29, 2003 02:24 PM
a couple years ago we had a challange every week with the winner of the mods and the late models from last week goin head to head to start the nite off for $100 now we run imca late and outlaw mods same rules as imca but no claim so they get kinda crazy with mods but the late model won every week.cost wise look at up keep on the two,tire and wheels cost more on the late's shocks are more, you can't go to a junk yard and buy front end parts so the parts are more exspencive. then you have the crank driven fuel and power steering pumps on the late models. then you add in all the spec stuff like the intake and heads wich is about twice as much as a good set of claimer heads and and intake. the top dogs imca wise run at my track and i would hate to see what they spend in a year but i know it's alot more than the mod guys spend and like you said it's not a very big class any more only two tracks withing 100 mile run them compared to the dozen or so that run mods around here we get around 15-20 late models every week and 20-30 mods and i think the pay difference is about 200 for the winner of the late's and mods. if i had the money to run what ever one i wanted i would definatly run the mods

posted June 29, 2003 03:17 PM
Any of you recently ran both classes I'm comparing? I have no doubt that a few years ago the late models would run off from the mod but at least at the track I went to on Sat. the mod would be quicker than the late model. Also run for less money. They had about the same amount of late models as mods but alot of other area tracks have more mods and sometimes no late model class at all.
Anyone in the SW Missouri area that would like an extra hand I would like to help out for the rest of the year. To many things going on for me to try and race this year myself. I'm headed back to school for CAD and design engineering but would love to help out when needed.

GO 24
posted June 30, 2003 10:22 AM
Where I'm from we have 3 different late model division: IMCA, which doesn't attract a very large car count. Limited/grand national which are just spec motors and tires. Super late models which are really making a comeback. By far our limiteds are the most affordable---less than the mods and depending on track length will run away from them, we have numerous opportunities to run at least 3 times a week and it's not unusual to see car counts reach close to 50 at our Sunday track! It's a great class that's really catching on here in the midwest!!!

Ryan Lingner
posted June 30, 2003 02:31 PM
I like what I've heard about the new sport mod class. Does anyone have all the rules posted on a site or something? The spec stuff is what I liked about the IMCA late model class in the first place. Sounds like the class should be cost effective to run but would like to see all the rules for sure. I guess once a track takes on this new class you will have a 2 year period to run your non Ford chassis but will have to add 50 lbs to the front and still will have to have a 3 bar rear. Glad they are giving time to still run another chassis to see how the class will grow. Any thoughts on this class?

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