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Author Topic:   what is the best tranny to run in a mod
posted June 23, 2003 08:23 PM
what is the best tranny to run in a mod

jhon hollomon
posted June 23, 2003 08:57 PM
I'd say either a Bert or a Brinn are good choices.

out of control
posted June 23, 2003 09:20 PM
I would have to say Brinn or Bert either one, havent heard much about falcons around here yet. They are easy to work on, easy to maintain, and virually indestructible. Besides that it is by far the least expensive tranny we have ever run. Have run the same tranny for 3 years and all we do is change oil every 2 races then take it out at the end of the year and put back in the next year. Ran bushore before and would go through 2 or 3 a year. The brinn paid for itself in 1 year.

posted June 24, 2003 05:35 PM
Bert Ballspline if you have the cash!

posted June 24, 2003 08:16 PM
what does a power glide cost and what about a bert

posted June 24, 2003 09:45 PM
I think Bill (Bushore) is getting around $500 for a NEW powerglide.
He is also a Falcon dealer, and one of the true good guys in the sport.

posted June 24, 2003 10:46 PM
I know there are guys that love the glides but we just never had that much luck with them. I cant argue that bill is a great guy. He helped us put a glide pump back together at the track one time so we could run that night. If it hadnt been for him we would have been done.

I dont know speciofics on how much HP it takes to turn a glide pump. There is a huge difference in rotating weight though. I have heard guys talk about switching to a Brinn etc and almost loop the car the first time they go in the corner because the engine does more braking without all of the rotating inertia of the tranny involved, which also means it revs faster coming out of the corner as well.

posted June 25, 2003 10:49 AM
Although I am not running hugh amounts of engine I have been have great success with a glide prepared by Burt Brown Racing transmission. For the guys wanting to run everything as lite as possible he has a new lightened glide.
Just my 2 cents. I am on the east coast and most of the east cost big block modifides run bert.

posted June 25, 2003 11:04 PM
ballspline bert

posted June 26, 2003 04:48 AM
i have experience with all 3....Bert is cheapest to buy, especially used, good trans, but the drawbacks are shorter overall length and harder to rebuild.
Brinn is what i prefer, it is easy as a piece of cake to rebuild, and has much nicer shifting quality. very durable.
Falcon, i know the least about, since i bought a new one this year, and it has worked flawlessly, and hasnt had to be rebuilt is same length as Brinn and has a better tailshaft to yoke bearing deal instead of the common broze bushing that the others have, which is prone to wear and eventual leakage, the Falcon does seem to be more 'raspy' shifting tho.....they are all 3 light years better than a Powerglide in my opinion.........ford5

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