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Author Topic:   Best Motor????
posted June 11, 2003 09:47 AM
1/4 mile track that gets slick in the feature a 355 will be plenty. I have even run a 327 for about 3 yrs but no one would hardly believe me. I have been mod racing now for 9 yrs and started out running 406s and believe me the smaller engines are better for 3/8 and shorter slick tracks!!!

posted June 11, 2003 10:37 AM
I would agree, it is hard to beat a good 355. They are reliable, easy to find parts and inexpensive to build.

devil wrench
posted June 11, 2003 06:43 PM
what they said ^^^.

400 blocks stink!

posted June 11, 2003 11:46 PM
A 355 built right will be more than you need starting out and like I said built right they live a long time and dont brake the bank to build.....Towman

GO 24
posted June 12, 2003 12:20 PM
Absolutely, go with a 355!

posted June 13, 2003 04:44 AM
347 Small block Ford! LOL

posted June 13, 2003 07:49 AM
I like a 383 it has good power and good reliability. I think on a mid bank 3/8 track you can still use the power. If the track was flat, go with the 355 or 360. A 400 will give you to much torque off the corner and it will hurt you more than help. With your track being tacky in the heat you can use the power and then rev chip it, in the feature, so you don't over drive the car into the corners. gl ltr

posted June 24, 2003 05:38 PM
377 are the best all around engine for short track. We have won on 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile with ours.

posted June 24, 2003 06:21 PM
Get a good set of 6 inch rods and Speed Pro Hyperutectic Pistons, a good solid cam, stock crank turned, balance the rotating assebly, dart iron eagle 200cc chamber angle plug heads, scorpion roller rockers, victor jr intake, claimer pan kit, around 3000 total will keep up on a good tacky track and have good power on a dry track

posted June 25, 2003 11:08 PM
377 or 406

machine for speed
posted June 26, 2003 02:24 AM
Been racin for about eight years, the 350 based stuff seems to hold up longer,you have somthing left to rebuld at the end of the season The 400 blocks seem to be one problem after another. Once in awhile you do get a good one though. I am talking stock blocks---not after market. Good luck.

posted June 26, 2003 06:53 AM
Originally posted by MOD75D:
This is my first season in a mod and I built a fully roller 417 for a latemodel that I didnt end up getting and it was way to much! I sold it and built a 355 and wow what a difference. I run it on alky with a c&s carb. With all the help of the racers on here helping me with my chassis I was able to win my heat race and get third in the main last week. The 355 is all you need.

I wondered if that monster was gonna be more of a hinderance than an ally.

posted June 27, 2003 07:28 AM
Downsides to alcohol.... More fuel burnoff = lost rear percentage, increased cylinder wear, peaker torque curve, diffucult to tune without an egt guage. A properly tuned and built gas motor will typically make the same if not more power. We switched back to gas in a mod and run just as cool, never over 200, as we did with alcohol.
Gas can be less forgiving on tune and requires a little more attention to keep from melting the engine down. But the benifits are worth it for those that want to put the effort into it.

The motors i run now are 353 cid ( 4.155 bore x 3.25 stroke, 6.25 rod, brodix 11x heads) on gas. Super flat torque and driver loves it on the slick and plenty of power on tacky. Ran it 40 nights last year turned 8500-9000 rpm. Changed valve springs twice and freshened over the winter. The big cid motors are great on a tacky track but makes things hard for the driver on the slick.
Stay away from stock 400 blocks, nothing but reliability issues. You are money ahead to buy a dart block and be done with it.

posted June 28, 2003 11:36 PM
Ya it was hrt187. I shure am glad its gone. I am starting to really like the modified and dont know if I will ever get a latemodel now. The modifieds are a real challenge but man are they fun to drive. Thanks for all the advice you have given HRT187.

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