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Author Topic:   set-up help ideas please
posted June 08, 2003 11:34 PM
I am trying to figure out the next step to tune our chassis to pick up some speed. Not getting passed, but not doing the passing either...

DW8 3-link
Spring: LF 650 RF 750 LR 200 (front of axle) RR 150 (on top of axle)
Shocks: LF 45/45 RF 30/50 LR 50/30 RR 30/30

2380 w/ 20 gal. fuel w/out driver (driver is 250lbs):
52%LS 52.6%Cross 55.4%Rear 110lbs of bite

LR Trailing Arm: 14 1/4" @ 12*
RR Trailing Arm: 20 1/4" @ 6*
Spring Pullbar: 39" @ 17* -- Progressive 600/1200 spring -- Travel is only 1 1/4"

J-Bar bottom hole on pinion, 7" up on frame running @ 5*

Shock Travel: LF 1 1/4" RF 4"(almost bottom out) LR 1 3/4" RR 2 3/4"

The car used to (last year) really roll over and you could see the LR wheel "creep" forward trying to drive under the chassis, but we could only run high and the car had 300+ pounds of LR bite last year(not a typo!). So changed setup ALL around this year and tried adding more bite and cross for last night, still no creeping. If you don't drive the car in just right, the rear end wants to come on around, but once you can get back on the gas, bites hard coming out. Leading the LR by a little over 1/2" because it seems to push going in if we dont.

Any ideas? Thanks!!!

devil wrench
posted June 09, 2003 04:26 PM
hey man, forgot about the email. try about 25 or 30* of angle on the bar. You've got the right side squashing down instead of the left side going up because of the lack of angle in the panhard bar.

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posted June 09, 2003 06:15 PM
raise your spring rate on the left rear a little,raise the j-bar angle, or raise the left rear trailing arm,maybe drop the cross%.

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