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Author Topic:   dependable 355?
posted June 07, 2003 10:01 PM
in our claimer 383 we have a scat crank, stock reconditioned rods with arp bolts from ptm race engines like 85 bucks for the rods,dart heads we also run the kb hyper dome pistons, sealed power rings ,clevite bearings after 18 nites still looked good as new no wear on the bearings and rings still looked pretty good

posted June 08, 2003 11:29 AM
scat cranks are way off on the balance if your not balancing it I would never ever use one.

steel gm cranks are worse than a stock cast crank they crack instead of flex, in a 12-1 circle track motor.

stock rods are not as good as even the 150.00 chinese prowlers from competition products.

kb pistons are more expensive than speed pro hypers but a little lighter, and kbs are not as strong.

competition products sells aftermarket rods for 150. speed pro hyper pistons are 140. and I would use a stock gm cast crank.

I would go with the 6 in rod but I would go for less rpm 6500 max and cam it correctly for the rpm.

Jeff Joldersma

posted June 09, 2003 09:11 AM
we have a 355 with a SCAT crank turning 7200 and holding fine. It was balanced though..
Also ran a cast 350 stock crank in a 377 up to 7400 at times.

I would also go the way of the aftermarket 150$ rods over recon stock rods. We ran a set of $200 scat rods in a 377 and turned up to 7400.

On a dry track with little bite i think a stock crank would hold up fairly good as long as you have it well balanced and dont get crazy with rpm's. On the other hand a good steel crank would hold up better over the long run. Same with rods.

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