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Author Topic:   Question for the swing arm guys
posted June 05, 2003 02:56 PM
How much cross, LR bite, and what rear spring rates do you have? I was reading since the swing arm is not attached to the rear end and is independent, that you need a stiffer LR spring and more LR bite? Is this correct?

posted June 05, 2003 03:06 PM
i mostly ran 250lr,and 250 or 225rr and as for the rear bite i ran everywhere from 50lbs rr heavy to 275lbs lr heavy,but liked to keep it in the 100 to 150lb range so the lf tire would stay on the ground.

posted June 05, 2003 03:47 PM
We run short swingarms and run 275LR & 275 to 250RR - I move around between 70# & 90# of bite on LR. I've ran as high as 200# of bite but it was way too much - the car was very squirelly. Our car is 2400# W/O driver so it's a tank. It's a Hoover chassis so it's got about 54% Left side built into the chassis. We run around 59% rear. The cross floats from 47/48% with the 275 on the RR to 49/50% with the 250 on the right rear. We scale with every change and watch these numbers closely. Notes are important. They got a nice swing are spring rate calculator in the toolbox on this website.

posted June 06, 2003 06:57 AM
There is no set answer to your question. With a swingarm car, it depends on the type of swingarm, long or short, and exactly where the spring is mounted to determine the effective rate of the spring. That messes alot of people up as one persons 275 pound spring may have the same effective rate as another persons 375 pound spring. Keep that in mind when getting opinions on swingarm cars.

posted June 06, 2003 12:51 PM
I run 350lr and 250rr with about 330lbs of bite..56%ls 56%cross 59%rear short swing arms

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