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Author Topic:   steering wheel fell off
posted June 02, 2003 03:07 PM
We've all seen the cartoon, where some driver is holding the steering wheel, and the car is wrecked. Well it happened to us Friday night. Jimmy was going into 3 when it came off. He was able to grab the shaft and stop it comming out of 4 without hitting anything. My hero. The threads were stiil on the bolts. It seems that galvanic action had rotted the aluminum hub. This hub is only 3 years old, I'm passing this info along so those of you who, like me, never gave a thought to a problem like this; will check those hubs out. I got a hub off the parts guy and we on to win the consi, feature was rained out. So it was a real good night, considering what may have happened.

posted June 02, 2003 05:44 PM
Wow, sounds like he did a great job stopping that thing. My dad was driving our car 2 years ago at West Plains and the steering wheel came off coming off of 4 and the car did a 90 degree turn STRAIGHT nose dive into the wall. New stub because we didn't check to make sure the release clip snapped into place before he went out. We now YANK on the wheel before every trip out onto the track!!!

posted June 02, 2003 06:13 PM
Yep , Seen it happen before. I got a great video shot of a driver pulling off the steering wheel and crashing taken out the top 10 cars when the steering wheel came off. Boy what a mess on the front straightaway..Go another shot of the steering shaft coming off the the coupler when the guy was battling for the lead, It took out the top 4 cars during the race and totaled the car.Never seen a car turn to the right so fast in my life.

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