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Author Topic:   going dirt racing
machine for speed
posted May 29, 2003 01:07 AM
Hello guys, I have a 3 link asphalt mod that will be going dirt racing from now on. I will be racing 1/4-1/3 mile med bank, springs, pull bar-how long, stagger, gear, any help will be appreciated. How about setting the car for the turn?

posted May 29, 2003 10:02 AM
You're lucky you have a three link, it makes what you are trying possible. I say this cause in the 90's I did the same thing. Ran St Augustine Speedway, fast 1/2 mile pavement, when it rained out we would unbolt the front swaybar and run Volusia County on the dirt. That was the only real change we made, except for raising the car up slightly. It was a heavier chassis, we didn't carry much ballast. If you do, some of it should be raised up above the Cg of the car. How much, somebody smarter then me should say. If you have the typical right side of the frame panhard bar, it CAN work on dirt - but swapping it to the left side of the chassis seems to be easier overall.
The other change that helped us go from pavement to dirt was a valve on the RF brake, we didn't run a shutoff valve, it was like a 65% reduction valve (from speedway). When the track was heavy we would use the valve to help turn the car in under braking. It was mostly a crutch then because I didn't pitch the car in enough, but I still use one to this day because of personal preference.
As I said, make some minor changes and go try it, you may be surprised how well the car does. Good Luck.

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