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Author Topic:   front springs on metric mid size stub
posted May 25, 2003 11:35 PM
what is the heaviest rf spring that anyone has heard of running succesfully{?},on this type of stub.
we get in the corner fine,but some times after crossing the middle of the corner but before getting the car heading straight,it wants to continue heading to the corner of the wall. picture 9 oclock deing the start of the straight,12 being the middle and 3 being the end of the straight going in. somtime we seem to be tring to hit the 10 o,clock mark.
we stiffend the rf, because we were bottoming frame on the lower control arm. the shock rubber still travels all the way to the bottom.
76 rf shock,1100 rf sring,850 lf. is it possible that the lf being so light is adding lr too early? 51% cross,53 left,75-85 lr bite we are thinking that we could still add mor rf spring, it does not happen in the heats, only in the mains, maybe we still don't have enough to stick the rf on the dry track? thank you for your help.

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