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Author Topic:   Getting Ready to scale swingarm z link HELP
posted May 12, 2003 10:10 AM
Getting ready to scale my 2000 Xtreme chassis for the 360 mod class at half mile tracks. I would like some suggestions on cross, rear, left, ect...
here is what i have everything set at
long panhard bar behind rearend, 1 inch below on rearend side one inch above rearend on chassis...
swingarms are in second hole from bottom
750 lf, 850 rf
275 lr, 250 rr

rear links, left side is about 3 degrees downhill right side is level....

3" off right rear
2" off right front
3" off left front
2" off left rear

long pull bar with 800 pound spring, in center of rearend...