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Author Topic:   4 bar converted to Z link RR
posted June 09, 2003 10:49 PM
Thats a great thing. That means you are getting bite without all that angle in the pull bar. Now try stagger if you can and take out some cross.

posted June 13, 2003 12:29 PM
I Have a 2001 larkins with a swing arm zlink suspension. Has anyone with this kind of suspension tried changing the lt rear to a 4 link? The car is good in the tacky but in the dry it never seems to feel the same as the week before. anyone have any ideas?

posted June 13, 2003 06:23 PM
I have a GRT Z-link swingarm car works great. I have been wanting to add the mounts to change to a 4 bar, or 4 bar z-link. Just can't make the change. What Do you think? Sould I change or stay on the Z-link swing arm?

posted June 13, 2003 07:44 PM
Washeduptoo I would try to increase your spring rate on the lr to about 225 and less on the rr to 175 our car is a 4bar z-link with lf 850 rf 1000 springs. We olny have about 70lbs of lr weight,but car will roll good with no push and I am able to get back in the throttle in the middle of the turn which i beleive help with my forward bite coming out. have had it strait 4bar but was to erratic not being able to pass to well. I don't know if you want to change that much stuff but thought I would voice my opinion

posted June 14, 2003 08:35 PM
Mod6M, I don't know if you should go to a 4-link on left side or not, but I will tell you my brother's car has real good forward bite, we're just having trouble with the turns.

posted June 16, 2003 07:18 AM
Thanks for the input. The car we have on a z-link is great in the turns. Sometimes I see good 4bars and lots of bad ones. I guess its just a drivers choice. If its not broke not fix it right.

posted July 03, 2003 10:22 PM
Well fellas, it looks as if the 4-link experiment is going to be over. Looks as if we're going back to a swing arm on the left side, we've run this for several years and have more experience with this. Since, the big motor went, we now need more than ever to get more speed thru the turns. The 4-link just seems to do the unexpected for us. I want to thank all of yall for your in**t and maybe we'll try the 4-link again if we can come up with another motor. Thanks again.

posted July 04, 2003 10:20 AM
if you want speed in the corners ,try a rayburn z-link with unequal length rear bars. sounds crazy,but we had a 14 inch difference in the lengths,on a d-w8 and it carried a lot of corner speed.just not enough engine to pull it on the straights,most of the time.we mounted the left rear upper about 3 inches from the rear bumper and the right rear about half way to the bumper.the car seemed fastest on freestanding coils on the jet swing arm bars. but just a crewcheif's suggestion.