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Author Topic:   Tell us about your first WIN!!
posted April 03, 2004 05:09 AM
Was it a great night all the way around?
Was it a terrible night that ended up great?
Was it your first race, 100th race, etc?
Were you expecting the win when you loaded up that morning to go to the track?
What did you say when interviewed?
What were your feelings after taking the checkered?
Were you able to sleep when you got home?
Was you family there to watch?

Thanks, hope I get some good replys!!

posted April 03, 2004 07:56 AM
my first win was my rookie year a heat win we were at our home track 3 mi from home I quilified poorly so I ended up out side pole for the heat, when the flag droped so did my foot and kept it down as long as i could I pulled the stright real hard and got in front it seem ed for ever for the white then i got rubber and got real loose and pulled it out noxt lap he right next to me and I could see the white stood on going into turn 4 came off the corner sidways and still held it all the was down the stright and did the same thing to take the win. when I saw the tape the car really looked great when I went into 4 the last two laps.
I realy wish my family was there to see it but I getno support from them so
all in all I was a great day for me and the car seing that I built the car by my self
I was very proud of what I have done.
even typing this story I get the shakes bad adrealin you know that is what drives us all if your honest with your self


posted April 03, 2004 08:18 AM
july 4th 97 running a 2 man cruiser with my old man as the gas man on a tiny 1/4 mile was our fifth nite in the car was a super slick dusty dry track because we started early so everybody could get home to watch the fire works. we had a clean sweep that run won our heat and feature. two weeks later they closed the track down due to poor crouds so that was the end of our cruiser days so i finished my current car that i had already started and ran out of time and money when we found this cruiser for 125 bucks just couldn't turn it down had to race something. if you look in the user pics i have the pic in the cruiser section or our old 17bft miss that old girl. since then i have won several heat races but not a main yet i'll tell you about that one here in a couple weeks lol

posted April 03, 2004 08:24 AM
Mine was on July 8th 2000. First year of my racing "career"

It was "the race against hunger" night at the track. I drew good in my heat, and ran away with it. Won by a striaght away. Then I started about 7th in the feature, got lucky a few times as other racers made big mistakes slowwing everyone else down. It was alot of "PATIENCE" and being in the right place at the right time. I won with a clean sweep...It was great.

I had Family from out of town that week, so it was extra special for me. I had to go up and accept my trophy up in the grandstands.....Im not a people person, so that wasnt the greatest part. but still cool!

I unloaded the car the next morning and it wasnt running right, had low oil pressure, and then it died. SPUN BEARING!!!! Must have pushed it too

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posted April 03, 2004 10:28 AM
win whats a win lol, still looking real hard for one

posted April 03, 2004 07:48 PM
Wow, I remember it very well and it was 23 years ago. My twin sister was pregnant and in the stands instead of driving the ladies division in my car. But prior to the start she was at the fence pointing to her head and telling me to use mine and not my foot. I gave her a thumbs up and knew we had this one. I felt the adrenaline, the rush, and had the feeling it was to be. Looked at the other cars and normally what would have intimidated me, motivated me. I knew we could do it. The green flew and it just seemed so easy, I picked them off one by one and got to the front, for once I never looked back or even thought of them, I just raced my race. After a year of trying, it was just SO easy. It seemed like 25 laps but it was just an 8 lap heat. I took the white flag in the lead and I remember that is when I started getting excited, I couldn't hear them behind me and I knew if I used my head like she said I was gonna win this sucker. I was actually screaming to myself, to her, my unborn niece, and to my friends with me. I wanted it over and NOW, lol. I swear that last lap every lug nut came loose, I ran out of tranny fluid, the engine was knocking, and eveything else you could imagine, lol. But I kept my head and as I was coming out of turn four I looked back to see second place going into turn 3. My arm flew out the window and I was yelling YEAH, YEAH, WE DID IT! I stared at the checkered flag as it flew, wanting to remember that forever (I guess I did that pretty good) And as I passed under the flag I had tears in my eyes and I still could see my sister in the stands, standing and clapping with tears of her own. I have NO clue how we did in the main that night, but after the races we held each other as I was crying "we did it" OMG "we did it" Since then I have helped her and more than 40 other people reach that dream and each one gets better. You can never replace that feeling but you can **** sure share it. And that is what I love about this sport. Thank you for asking this question and I hope I didn't get carried away. But I think of this topic very often and still get emotional when I do because of my experience, and because I have been able to enable others to experience it too. Good luck to you and all of you out there.

posted April 03, 2004 07:51 PM
wow, they should limit how long your answer can be, lol, sorry about that, just got me going. Good luck.

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