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Author Topic:   forward bite with a metric
posted April 01, 2004 07:34 AM
I have been racing on a dry slick short track with a metric car. The car needed more Left rear, but didn't have much bite in the straight aways or off the corners. I don't have a big motor like the front runners, but I couldn't use what I had. The car has 51.9% rear, 51.2 cross and 50.5 left. The car has some weight mounted up high and rolls over pretty hard. I am going to drop about a hundred pounds in the trunk and have the option to add another 40 on the back bumper. I am running the asphalt pull-offs with 2" roll out on the LR.

posted April 02, 2004 06:13 AM
What size track? Also what spring's are your running? It sounds like your rear spring might be too heavy. Or your front springs might be too light. Also what is your total car weight?


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