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Author Topic:   Rear and cross weight
posted March 09, 2004 09:12 AM
I am going to scale my car next week, for the first time, and was looking for a good starting cross, left, and rear percent weights. 81 Monte Carlo, 3200+ lbs., all weight in front of real axel, 3/8 high banked dirt. Asphalt pull off tires if that makes a difference. Thanks, Mansfield

posted March 09, 2004 11:28 AM
unless you have to run a certin weight try moving some of it back a ways and use it as leverage so you don't have to use as much i'll agree with rover on the weights tho 55 seames a little hi to me unless you have some hella horse power to try to hook up

posted March 15, 2004 09:56 AM
I think you'll find it a little difficult to get anywhere near 50% if you have to put all the weight in front of the axle. I'd put mine on a bit of a diet over the winter and lost ground a bit (took more weight out of the rear than front).

Without me, the car was 3020 lbs. With me in it was 3212. I don't have the sheets in front of me, but when we started I think it was 46.3% rear, 52.2% cross and 52.2% left. We're not allowed to put the battery in the trunk (that would be too easy) but we did shift some things around to get 47.8% rear, 53.4% left and 51.2% cross. Once I have the $$$ for a 22 gal fuel cell (16 gal now), the rear % will go up to 49%.

My car handled pretty good last year even with the relatively bad %'s. This year, even with just 1.5% changes in the right direction, it should be even better. If you can't get the rear %'s up, run a little softer spring in the rear than you think you should. Softening up the shock compression will also help. That way the dynamic weights will be better (more rear transfer).

Good luck.

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