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Author Topic:   Longer ball joint ? Metric GM
posted March 07, 2004 08:31 PM
Wondering about the longer ball joints for a metric GM. I know about the spindle reaming issue, but was wondering which ones to change? Lowers only? Left side only?

I've seen various part numbers from Moog and Allstar and was wondering what others have used and what issues you've encountered installing them (welding in lowers, sleeves etc). We have to use stock arms (no tube uppers) so this is about the only mod I can make.


dan ferry
posted March 08, 2004 08:40 PM
i just found my slip i beleive these are afco numbers i dont remember which is which but there are 2 uppers 2 lowers and 2 sleeves these are the longer ball joints. 20032-1 20038-1 20046 i beleive the 20046 is the sleeves. when i put the sleeves in i cut controlarm accordingly to help caster and camber rf out and forward and left front in and forward fill in the gap with a half piece of pipe cut the length of the sleeve cut pipe to length and split piece in half youll have a piece foe both sleeves form pipe to sleeve before you put it in if your gaps a little bigger dont form pipe as close tosleeve in middle.

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