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Author Topic:   cfm for a 400 sbc
posted March 01, 2004 07:17 PM
If i have to end up using a 500 cfm two barrel holley on my 406 will this possibly hurt the pistons or other parts inside the motor ? Were using flat top pistons and a set of dart angle plug heads, I believe the vales r 208/160

posted March 01, 2004 08:30 PM
the motor wont be hurt by a small carb...just jet accordingly. we hafta run a 350 cfm at some of our tracks and alot of guys run 400s with no problem.



posted March 04, 2004 10:08 AM
If you have it jetted right then the mixture will still be right for the amount of air allowed in by the carb even if it is less than what the engine can handle. Its the lean ratio of fuel to the amount of air(no matter how limited) that can cause problems.

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