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Author Topic:   Hard or Soft tire on Dry slick track
posted February 13, 2004 01:06 PM
I would like some poeples opinions, I race imca hobby stock class, Ive always looked for the softest 205/70/15 tire available. My question is the softest tire always the best or is it good to have a harder tire on a dry slick track. A soft tire may have its best performance say at 140 degrees, and a hard tire its best performance at 180 degrees. What kind of tire has anyone that tried different tires find that work the best in a 15-20 lap feature with dryslick conditions when your tires get hot. Im not worried about traction in the heat race as we dont have that many cars and we all make the big show. LET HEAR SOME OF YOUR OPINIONS PLEASE!

posted February 13, 2004 01:15 PM
In most cases I have found you want to run a softer tire on a tacky track and a harder tire on a dry slick track...when you get started racing this year ask around and see if someone has a heat gun they will let you use and check tire temps when you come in off the track to find what tire works best under your conditions......Towman

posted February 13, 2004 01:18 PM
It is possible to have too soft of a tire. Running a street tire, I'm not sure you can get one too soft, but with race tires it is possible. My home track is really hard, dry and slick for the features. We're limited to the Hoosier HOTV RC4. It's a hard tire, but with the track the way it is works out ok. Yes, it would be easier to drive on sticky tires, but they'd also only last 25 laps. The RC4s can last several weeks with a little grinding ever now and then to flatten them off.

For the special events, guys come from other tracks with their really soft tires thinking they're gonna whoop our butts. Well... that's true for about 5 fast laps until their tires go away. One guy that pitted beside me for one of the specials nailed the wall after the tread seperated from the carcass on the right front tire from the heat. And for him, that was the hardest tire he had.

So.. run the softest thing you can find that can take the heat. The bigger the track, the harder the tire you'll need.

posted February 13, 2004 07:13 PM
the problem we have found with to soft a tire is building alot of heat we tried blizzack's and they grew 2 inches and 12# of pressure on a realy slick nite we have had alot of luck with kuhmo 795 series they are a good soft/med compund hold up real well just feather a bit over time but we just flip them around and run um white wall out for a few nites and they are good as new

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