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Author Topic:   rear end spacers(help)
posted February 12, 2004 11:26 PM
Im not a 100% sure on this but Im thinking those thicker shims are different from one rearend to the other and thats the way they make up for casting and machining differences.....I would get your rearend ready to install and see which ones fit best.....But from past experience they fit very tight untill you get them all the way in and everything square...hope this helps...Towman

posted February 13, 2004 06:02 AM
They should be difficult to get in and be tight for sure. If they are to big, I doubt you could get them in there. Anytime I change my gear its a pain in the **** to get them back in.

posted February 14, 2004 01:32 AM
Install pinion,it should turn ok but not have in and out play.It helps to have mics for next.You use the shims to adjust the carrier left and right, that will adjust play in the gears. It helps to keep the shims together and mark left and right side. Try getting a smaller one in dr side then put thicker ones in rt side untill there is no side to side play. Hold pinion still and move ring gear back and forth,there should be very little play.If there is too much, start puting thicker shims in left side and smaller shims in right untill you get the play right. Hopes this helps, if not leave name and phone #.

posted February 14, 2004 09:03 AM
77 is real close the pinion should have 7 inch pounde of pre load. meaning that it should take 7 " # of torque to turn the pinion.

the side spacers that you are talking about are for shimming the carrie left or right now when it is installed you need to end up with .007-.014 back lash that is the amount that the ring gear moves back& fourth if too tight you need to shim the gear over to the left.. if too loose then you need to shim to the right.
problems e-me and I can talk you through it

posted February 14, 2004 05:42 PM
thanks,thats alot of information that i needed,now if i could get some nice weather.

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