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Author Topic:   Camaro vs Nova
posted February 10, 2004 06:11 PM
Can any one tell me if a nova can be competitave with a camaro? Where I race the camaros are smoking the novas. Can any one give me any info on how to make a nova work? Or is the camaro just a better race car?

posted February 10, 2004 07:11 PM
just depends on rules if your talking completey stock stuff then a camaro is lighter has better rear% and better front geometry you can help the nova out by putting a camaro stub under it

Ego Racing
posted February 10, 2004 07:15 PM
Same sub frame the only real problem is the center of gravity but it can be done. We won a 100 lap LLM race with a nova on a 1/4 mile asphault track that is real fast. The Nova was tore completely down and found legal. It was a steel Body car with a 9 inch rear and stock front subframe and we even weighed about 200 lbs more. We used the extea weight to lower the center of gravity.

posted February 10, 2004 07:39 PM
we can run racing tires, 8 in, bead lock, racing springs, cups, just has to have stock frame.

nate 11
posted February 10, 2004 08:20 PM
if you get the right set up the nova can be competitive. plus right driver. have novas here that out run them here. hope this helps

posted February 11, 2004 02:20 AM
81 Speedway in Wichita Ks.always has a tough feild of novas,check your track and see whats winning, usually a pretty good indication, but not always,there are exceptions to every rule

redneck racing
posted February 11, 2004 04:15 PM
Have ran a Nova for years and love them. I had a 73 for 8 years and just sold it mid season 2003 and am building a 77 right now. What ever car you decide just make sure you tie the front and rear sections together with 2x2x3. Eddie

posted February 12, 2004 06:46 AM
For you Nova/Camaro guys, what is the stock rear end width of those cars? Axle flange to Axle flange. Thanks.

posted February 14, 2004 09:36 AM
In one of the earlier posts they said there were some fast novas at 81 speedway in wichita hes right they work really well on that track and Ive seen some really fast novas over the yrs but Ive seen some really bad ones too as far as the front stub i think its the same as the camaro and also I think the 67 to 72 ford pu rearends work good in a camaro or a nova good luck and have fun......Towman

posted February 17, 2004 08:05 PM
I Ran a Nova At tulsa speeway last year, had 5 heat wins

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