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Author Topic:   Car Scales
posted February 05, 2004 12:30 PM
What are folks recommending for electronic scales. I've looked at the intercomp, longacre and rebco. Kind of interested in the longacre matrix. Anybody with experience with them. If using on a concrete shop floor is the additional expense of the accessory levelers necessary? How often do you find yourself using the scales? Thanks.

posted February 05, 2004 01:22 PM
We have an older set of langacres and havent had any trouble with them. Ours only displays individual wheel weights and then selected cross, total, rear, left. I think the ones that display everything at once would be nice.. instead of switching back and forth.

As for levelers we have never used them but they would be nice at times. For the most part if you find a setup that works and use those % then it doesnt matter if the floor is perfectly level as long as you scale in teh exact same spot, teh same way everytime. We painted marks on the floor to set the pads on whenever we scale. WE would do the same thing if we had levelers.. just level them once and mark the floor then put them back in the same spot ea tme and you wouldnt have to relevel unless you are at a differnt location. I would prob build my own before i spent a couple hundred or more on the manufactured ones.

posted February 05, 2004 02:10 PM
as far as scales, longacre, intercomp, and rebco are all great. The levelers are nice but you could buils something like that, you need a level surface and concrete is almost never level. Mine are intercomps(not racecar scales) they are grain truck scales so they just show each wheel weight, they are great the set cost about 6000 a set(i got them from a sponsor who had them laying around, he just came across the recit) i built roll offs forthem and that is great because you can make changes and zero the scale, some say you can zero with the car on it though.
i have used rebco also with good luck. all are great scales. i have never used or seen a set of those newer scales(quatum's i want to say) so i dont know anything about those.
i recomend the intercomp above all others. just because i have had good experience with them.
also store in a dry place.(most shops are not very dry, the ones i go in. we usually have mine in our office.

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