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Author Topic:   intake question
posted February 03, 2004 06:31 PM
is there such thing as a cast iorn tbi intake???? i wanna run vortec heads but we have to run a stock intake and has to be cast iron... says 2brl but well a tbi is only 2brls he he he tech will love me

posted February 03, 2004 06:46 PM
try looking for an early tbi motor. mostly late 86 and 87 trucks. i think someone on here said they had one on their 86 or 87 suburban?


posted February 03, 2004 09:10 PM
A tbi intake will not bolt up to the true late model vortec heads w/o mods. People get tbi and vortec heads confused often.Tbi has the four center bolts at a diff angle than the rest, vortecs have no bolts in the center. Thats a big controversey at my track this year.The rule book allows the use of vortec heads but does not allow aftermarket or modified intakes,it states factory stock 2bbl intakes only.Thats an impossible combo.Gm performance parts sells a cast iron 2bl intake for the vortec heads but anyone who wants to protest it has a case beacause there has never been a factory car or truck roll off the floor with a carb on it.If vortecs are allowed an aftermarket intake must be allowed also or no one will be legal no matter what you do.Theres no hiding anything b/c there is no legal way at all to put a vortec head on a motor w/o an illegal intake.


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