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Author Topic:   Floater Rear End
posted February 02, 2004 10:55 PM
New to racing in the street stocks this year. I see Wissota is allowing a floater rear end. Can anybody give me a run down of the various rear ends and advantages/disadvantages of each. Also, where do the quick change rear ends play into this? Thanks for any insight.

posted February 03, 2004 05:24 AM
The "floater" is actually just a 9" Ford that isolates the axel flange from the axel. They use an axel that is splined on both ends. In case of an axel breaking the wheel stays on.
A quich change utilizes a small set of gears which "drive" the main ring and pinion set. These smaller gears are very easy to remove and replace, allowing the final ratio to be altered for different tracks or track conditions.
I believe the power robbing charictaristics would fall into this sequence:
9" Ford
9" Ford floater
Quick change

Ego Racing
posted February 03, 2004 02:00 PM
The Quick Change is more then likely not allowed in your class. There is no powerloss difference between the std 9 inch and a floater 9 inch.

posted February 03, 2004 02:47 PM
9" floater is romored to loose power, but very little and it is a ton safer and easy to change the gears on.
the qc depends on what you get, a full latemodel one looses less power than a 9". they are super light.
but i dont think qc are legal in your class. most classes they are not.
but a floater is very nice if legal and a great safety advantage, also if you get a grandnational parts are easy to get, nothing custom like some 9" i see.

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