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Author Topic:   rear end
dan ferry
posted January 26, 2004 06:01 PM
im gonna be running a 9" in a metric with around 90" roll out on a 1/2 mile low banking but broad corners so still pretty fast looking for recc on gearing i wanna turn about6500 may be a pinch more i dont know how much the 2 bolt will take with eagle rotating assy balanced with keith black flat tops around 11-1 comp this motor was in my strictly stock for a couple races im gonna use it till get 406 done im yhinking about a 5.46 gear with those tires we can run the 15/11 tires also im planin on getting tabs to mount metric calipers on the rear what rotors can i get i think i read 11 1/4 camaro or chevelle not sure any ideas appreciated

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